Erich Saling Maternity Prize

The Erich Saling Maternity Prize is attributed every two years at the European Congress of Perinatal Medicine, to one Obstetrician and one Neonatologist who have distinguished themselves in their professional career and dedication to the field of Perinatal Medicine.

Candidates may be proposed by anyone from inside or outside the field of Perinatal Medicine. Proposals should be sent by email to the Secretary-General of the EAPM at least 9 months before the start of the European Congress of Perinatal Medicine.

This email must include the full name of the candidate, country of residence, and a Word file with all the information relevant to the attribution of the prize:

  • Short summary of the professional career not exceeding one A4 page, including personal efforts to improve Perinatal Medicine in Europe.
  • List of papers published in peer-reviewed international journals, list of published scientific books, list of invited lectures at international scientific meetings.

The jury for attribution of the prize is constituted by all Executive Board members of the EAPM, who can therefore not be nominated for attribution of the prize.

Voting will take place at the last Executive Board meeting held before the European Congress of Perinatal Medicine. A majority vote, by secret ballot, is required for attribut on of the prize.

Voting on the various candidates will be repeated as many times as necessary, after excluding the candidate with the lowest number of votes, until a majority decision is reached. Interim results of the voting procedure will not be revealed to the outside.

Previous Erich Saling Maternity Prize winners

Linda de Vries (The Netherlands)2022
Yves Ville (France)2022
Giuseppe Buonocore (Italy)2021
Vincenzo Berghella (USA)2021
Sir Sabaratnam Arulkumaran (United Kingdom)2018
Hugo Lagercrantz (Sweden)2018
Gerard H.A. Visser (The Netherlands)2016
Dominique Haumont (Belgium)2016
Christian P. Speer (Germany)2014
Kypros Nicolaides (UK)2014
Mikko Hallman (Finland)2012
Roberto Romero (USA)2012
Aris Antsaklis (Greece)2010
Henry L Halliday (Northern Ireland)2010
Gian Carlo Di Renzo (Italy)2008
Ola Saugstad (Norway)2008
Emile Papiernik ( France)2004
Bengt Robertson ( Sweden)2002
Asim Kurjak ( Croatia)2000
Claudine Amiel-Tison ( France)1998
Stuart Campbell ( UK)1996
E. Osmund Reynolds ( UK)1994
Tom K.A.B. Eskes ( Netherlands) Alexandre1992
Minkowski ( France)1990
Heinz F.R. Precht ( Netherlands)1988
Ian Donald ( UK)1986
Albert and Renate Huch ( Switzerland)1984
Erich Saling ( Germany)1982
Gösta Rooth ( Sweden)1980
Graeme C. Liggins ( New Zealand)1978
Geoffrey Dawes1976
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