European Guidelines on Perinatal Care

Want to be part of the European guideline development team?

The EAPM is currently developing a series of new European Guidelines on Perinatal Care.
If you want to take part in this important initiative send us a proposal for a topic, a summary, and a list of authors to: 

Be sure to follow the instructions provided as comments in this link.

Standing Committee on Guideline Development (SCGD)

Aim: to promote the development of European guidelines on Perinatal Medicine, and to provide national societies with the resulting systematic reviews and grading of the evidence


  • Hans Duvekott (Netherlands)


  • Sven Kehl and Amr Hamsa (Germany)
  • Marieanne Ledingham (UK)
  • Sophia Brismar (Sweden)
  • Julie Glavind (Denmark)
  • Marian Kacerovsky (Czechia)
  • George Daskalasis (Greece)
  • Isabelle Dehaene (Belgium)
  • Diogo Ayres-de-Campos (Portugal)

Guideline Endorsed by EAPM

FIGO guidelines on intrapartum fetal monitoring (2015)

FIGO initiative on gestational diabetes in pregnancy: a pragmatic guide for diagnosis, management and care

FIGO consensus guidelines on placenta accreta spectrum disorders (2018)

FIGO initiative on fetal growth: best practice advice for screening, diagnosis and management (2021)

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