Honorary Members

Honorary membership for life is attributed to doctors with distinguished careers in the field of Perinatal Medicine who have given an outstanding contribution to the EAPM.
Proposals for Honorary Members arise from the Executive Board and are voted at the General Assembly.

Honorary members of the EAPM:

  • José M. Carrera
  • Jim Clinch
  • Ermelando V. Cosmi
  • Peter Dunn
  • Forrester Cockburn
  • Janna Koppe
  • Asim Kurjak
  • Kari Raivio
  • Gösta Rooth
  • Erich Saling (founder)
  • Joseph Schenker
  • Zdenek Stembera
  • Jean-Marie Thoulon
  • Gian Carlo Di Renzo
  • Ola Didrik Saugstad